Quality never becomes outdated!


rolunkIn 1982, as a second job, I started my independent small metalworking business. I mainly provided metalworking services to retail customers in Zagyvarékas (Hungary) and the surrounding areas. My assignments included the making and repair of fences, guards, terraces and tinware. After 1987, due to the winding up of my employer, I continued my work as a craftsman in full time.

Over the past 24 years, the scope of our metalwork services has significantly expanded and become diverse. Still today, we manufacture fencing, terraces, entrance portals and guards, which are primarily ordered by private individuals. In recent years, several companies and sole proprietors have heard about us by word of mouth. Our undertaking is also engaged in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment, which has made us renowned throughout Hungary. We are aiming at fully meeting the needs of all of our customers by manufacturing, delivering and installing on-site the products ordered by them in a timely fashion.

We are contracted with a number of companies that require a given number of similar types of products to be manufactured by a specific deadline. In addition to this, of course, we are also interested in satisfying the individual needs of existing and new customers and, no need to say, we do all this in an excellent quality.

Our capacities are continuously expanded. Due to our broadening scope of our activities, now we can undertake the production of chimneys, as well the size cutting, bending and installation, if necessary, of the sheet metals and roofing products sold by us. We are also engaged in the trading of galvanised (zinc-coated) sheets, zinc sheets and aluminium sheets.

You are at the right place if you are an individual or the representative of a businesses seeking for accuracy and quality at a reasonable price!

Mr Gyula KIS