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Sorting corral systems for cattle

Mobile corral system for handling and sorting cattle

– Allows for the humane handling of cattle while minimising the risk of injury.
– It is an indispensable piece of equipment for the branding, counting, classification of and veterinary and animal health care for animals.
– An additional benefits is that it fully meets all applicable health and safety requirements as all processes are fully regulated and controlled in the working area during handling and treatment of livestock, thus ensuring the safety of both the animals and the operators.
– Mobility is a big advantage of this cattle crush (squeeze chute); animals can be handled at a place aligned with current needs. There is no need for herding or transporting livestock for tens of kilometres, which may caused significant distress to the animals. Therefore, it may be easily fitted into your rotational grazing system as well.
– Corral components come with a hot-dip galvanised finish (zinc coating), which provides a protection against corrosion even in adverse weather conditions, and therefore they may even be stored outdoors.
– The flat area designated for installation of the corral system does not require any special preparatory work; it may can be installed on the soil itself as well as on any area with solid flooring.
– Various panel components are joined together by chain links, which enable the quick and secure fastening, and this way, the rapid and easy installation of the corral system. Consequently, the equipment can be easily relocated to other areas within a couple of hours.

System components:

  • Pen (3m x 1,6m)
  • Pen with gate
  • Pen with a 2-metre gate
  • Loading race
  • Two-way sorter (Y gate)
  • Reinforcing structure
  • Stop gate
  • Circular forcing pen
  • Lower linking rod
  • Large gate at the circular forcing pen
  • Cattle crush / head gate
  • Digital scales

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