Aluminium structure event tent (3|3|4) - HEXAGON


Aluminium structure event tent - HEXAGON.

Length of sides: 3 x 3 m
Clearance height: 2,5 m
Peak height: 3,7 m

Base area: 10 m²
PVC tarp: 850 g/m²
Structure: 84 x 48 x 3 mm

Our company distributes event tents made from specialized aluminum profiles, with warranty.

Lightweight aluminum structure. These tents can be set up on any flat, horizontal surface. There's no need for concrete foundations.

Every model is made up of elements equipped with transparent windows, which are modular (removable with a binding solution).

With tensioning system to keep the tarp always stretched.

Important! The listed price does not include delivery and assembly costs.

2 400 300 HUF

Net 1 890 000 HUF