Universal squeeze cattle crush with head bail / head gate, hoof care version 4-07 (hot-dip galvanized)


Ensures the fixation of the animal at the end of the working alley, it has 2 doors on each side, which allow access to various treatments.

The size of the head bail / head gate is adjustable, thereby it can be used with most of age groups. The head bail / head gate is equipped with a mechanical ratchet braking system. It is combined with a front grid, which could be opened and closed, to prevent the animal from breaking out and being injured.

Fast, safe, accident free fixing device. The squeeze walls provide a stable fixturing of the animals in any size. Mounted with hoof care accessory (belly strap, propulsion unit for lifting, etc.). Optionally the crush can be purchased with digital scale as well. The device can be transported by agricultural tractor on 3 connection points, or with the lifting lugs on the top. In case of cattle with long horn, we could deliver the crush with a larger front grid.

Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanized.

Weight: 780 kg

2 936 240 HUF

Net 2 312 000 HUF