Rosensteiner Bull Top M cattle hoof trimming and treatment crush


Rosensteiner Bull Top M cattle hoof trimming and treatment crush.

The hoof trimming and treatment crush for bulls.

  • Safe catching of unrestrained livestock.
  • Extra sturdy head catching device.
  • Tempestuous animals are perfectly secured during treatment.

Technical data:

Internal dimensions: 2150 mm x 900 mm x 1800 mm
External dimensions: 2400 mm x 1400 mm x 2300 mm
Recommended animal size: 700-1500 kg live weight.
Mains connection: 230 V
Passage: 900 mm

Standard equipment:     

  • Fully galvanised base frame.
  • Head bail / head gate, hand lever or automatic (mounted on front door).
  • Left and right front leg winches are swivelling.
  • Two-stage rear leg lift.
  • Rear under-leg bar with safety crank.
  • Safety elements (chest strap with winch, knee and thigh chain with protective tube).
  • Rubber mat - hygienic, non-slip.
  • Bracket for weighing rods.
  • Safety barrier.

Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanised (Head bail / head gate painted).

Weight: 580 kg


  • Bulls and beef cattle



  • Catching unruly animals is convenient and safe. Due to the closed construction, even boisterous animals cannot avoid their trimming. This ensures safe hoof care.


  • The chest strap with winch and the knee or thigh rope with protective tube secure the animal easily, gently and quickly.


  • The rubber mat on the floor ensures secure footing for the animals and is easy to clean.


  • The foreleg holders, which have been tried and tested thousands of times, enable perfect hoof care. Modern pressure rollers and safety cranks ensure slow lowering of the feet even under load.
6 674 168 HUF

Net 5 255 250 HUF